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Welcome to my Ab Rocket Reviews.

There are many positive Ab Rocket reviews available on the internet, although many people are claiming this product is a scam.

I therefore decided to create this review to analyse whether this ab program really works, or whether it is a scam.

In this review you will learn what the Ab Rocket is, whether it works, real user feedback and you’ll learn where to get the best deal.

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What Is The Ab Rocket?

If you have seen many of the popular infomercials for Ab Rocket then you will know what it is meant to do.

For those of you who don’t know it is a piece of exercise equipment that helps burn fat and tone up your abdominal muscles at the same time.

ab rocket reviews

The Ab Rocket exercises looks very much like a normal seat, although the cushions on the seat are specifically designed to massage your body whilst you do your workouts.

To use the Ab Rocket you simply sit in the chair and then use it in a similar fashion to how you would do a regular abdominal crunch; it is basically a back and forth motion.

There are three resistance levels to help maximize the effectiveness of the Ab Rocket, which I would highly encourage you to test out.

The Best Features Of The Ab Rocket

ab rocket reviewsMany Ab Rocket reviews from users report that the results they see after using this exerciser after only a few sessions is very good.

This is not a whole body exerciser. It simply isolates the abdominal muscles so you can really focus your intensity on this one particular area.

Many users report that the cushions do help massage you, although it clearly will not be a massage in the same league as products made specifically for this purpose.

The machine is also very affordable, especially for the high quality piece of equipment that you are getting.

There are many positive Ab Rocket reviews available on the internet if you want to find out other benefits that aren’t listed here.

However, the marketing claim behind this product states that it will help you target and burn fat around your midsection, commonly called ‘spot reduction’. This is a pet peeve of mine because when you burn fat it burns from everywhere on your body, not just your abdominal area.

For the Ab Rocket to help you burn fat you must combine this exercise routine with an intelligent nutrition plan.

Thankfully, as an added bonus with this product you are given a personal trainers professional nutrition plan and bonus DVD’s to maximize the effectiveness of this.

User Feedback

From reading a number of Ab Rocket reviews I am convinced this may very well be the MOST EFFECTIVE ab machine available. Here’s what one user said about this ab machine:

“Ab Rocket is by far the best ‘at home’ ab system I ever used. It is very easy to use and after about two weeks, I saw amazing results. If you use it you WILL get GREAT RESULTS.”

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From the fantastic number of Ab Rocket reviews we have been receiving, and our own research into this we can highly recommend this product to you.

Please be aware though that this exerciser must be combined with an intelligent nutrition plan (included as bonus) in order to help you maximize your fat loss and tone your stomach.

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