asylum workout reviewInsanity Asylum Workout Review

The Insanity Asylum workout was created by Shaun T; the guy behind the original Insanity workout.

In this Asylum workout review I am going to share my research into this workout to find out whether it is the real deal!

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What Is Insanity Asylum Workout?

From the guy who brought the famous Insanity workout to the masses, Shaun T delivers a killer workout program that was designed using elite level sports techniques.

It is a complete 30 day home workout program that takes the insanity workout to a whole new level.

It is essentially a cross training program which will push you to the max…..and then beyond!

This workout is designed for those who seek a real challenge. It was designed for those who want to look and feel like a professional athlete!

As one Asylum workout user put it:

‘Insanity Asylum will take you from average to elite in just 30 days’.

asylum workout reviewWhat Is Included?

Within Insanity Asylum you get a 6 day DVD kit which will show you everything you need to do in order to maximise the results you can get.

You will also get a printed guide which will take you through the workout step by step.

As well as this there is a bonus nutrition plan which ensures you get your daily amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fat from the right sources.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that you also get all of the necessary equipment included with this workout package, as well as some very helpful free bonuses.

This combination ensures you will be successful with Asylum workout.

All in all you get a very comprehensive system which will guide you through step by step.

This is an insane workout which will get you shredded and help build muscle very quickly.

The intensity of Insanity Asylum has even been compared to basic training in the military!


As this is the Asylum workout review we feel it is only fair to give you our honest verdict. After all, Insanity Asylum is not for everyone.

This workout may give you all the step by step tuition that you need, although it will not do all the hard work for you.

This is a workout for those who want to see what they are capable of.

Who Is It For?

It is for those who will do whatever it takes to reach their goals no matter how challenging the journey to get there may be.

The Insanity Asylum workout by Shaun T is a six day DVD set that will test your skills and physical abilities, putting them to the absolute limit.

If you are a serious athlete and you want to build muscle and get shredded then Insanity Asylum is the workout program for you.

In fact, one user who went on to successfully complete Asylum workout stated the following:

‘The Insanity workout was a piece of cake compared to Asylum. This one will push you past your limits”

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