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Welcome to my Rip 60 reviews article which where I will take a look at whether this Jillian Michaels and George St Pierre endorsed workout program is the real deal.

I decided to do this review after seeing so many ‘hyped up’ Rip 60 reviews that didn’t really give me any decent information other than promote the product.

In this review I will explain what Rip 60 is, the benefits of it and then highlight what real users think of it.

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What Is Rip 60?

Rip 60 is an intense home workout program that promises to get you ripped in only 60 days. This workout program consists of 8 weeks of workouts, each workout lasting approximately 60 minutes.

This workout program was created by personal trainer Jeremy Strom who seems to be a very effective personal trainer. From looking at past clients of his it does seem like his techniques are very effective.

When you order this pack you get a set of 8 DVD’s; each DVD is used for one week and therefore this lasts the entirety of the 8 weeks. I was impressed to discover that the foundation is set in DVD 1 and then this is built upon every week to maximise the benefits for you in 60 days.

The basic premise of this workout program is to use the straps provided, combined with your body weight to perform different fat burning exercises.

Within the full set you get:

  • Carry bag
  • 8 workout DVD’s
  • Official straps
  • Official running DVD
  • Wall chart exercise guide
  • 60 day nutrition guide
  • Jillian Michaels fat shredding DVD
  • George St Pierre muscle building DVD

rip 60Benefits

After reading numerous Rip 60 reviews it seems like there are a huge number of benefits, although a few select ones kept popping up.

One of the biggest benefits seems to be that this workout program will help you BURN FAT and BUILD LEAN MUSCLE. In fitness terms this is the holy grail, and to be honest there aren’t many fitness programs that can help you achieve this.

In fact, another benefit mentioned by users who had completed other workouts such as Insanity and P90x was that this workout program is MORE EFFECTIVE than those.

After doing a little digging I was impressed to find that clinical research comparing different fitness programs found this one to be the most effective.

Many users also reported that the short length but high intensity of the workouts was another huge benefit.

This is because it means you don’t have to spend all day in the gym, and I can see this to be extremely useful to those who lead a busy lifestyle.

Jeremy Strom, the guy who created this program seems to a very motivating trainer.

Many users claims that Jeremy was the reason why they stuck at this program even when it seemed to be getting too difficult.

By far the biggest benefit that kept coming up was that you can apparently see VISIBLE RESULTS VERY QUICKLY using this program.

I can see how this is beneficial because it shows that the workouts you are doing works and this motivates you and makes you feel great!

User Feedback

There were a variety of user quotes in the Rip 60 reviews that I read, although I think the quote below sums up what the majority of users gained from this program:

“I hate exercise. But Jeremy Strom does make it as fun as possible, and the equipment is kind of fun to use. That said, you have to be committed to getting fit to get the most out of this set — if you are, this will work wonders for you.”

This shows that the workout program is effective if you push yourself out of your comfort zone. If you aren’t committed to the program then I can see how this may not be very effective for you.

I should also note that this may not be appropriate for total beginners because it is a very intense program. However, if you stick to it and push yourself in the workouts it seems like you will get some great results.

Many users recommend combining the exercise with the nutrition tips in the FREE nutrition guide to maximise the fat loss and muscle gain you can achieve.

Please see the video below for a very inspirational success story:

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Right now, the guys over at Rip 60 are offering a FULL 30 day money back guarantee because they are so confident that you will see visible results in that time period.

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