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Do Walkfit Platinum inserts really work? This is a question I have been getting a lot recently, especially as so many people are on their feet all day and many of them are suffering unnecessarily.

Well, I decided to do my own research into WalkFit Platinum inserts to find out whether they can really help eliminate pain or whether you would be better off spending your money elsewhere.

In this Walk Fit review I’ll explain what is unique about WalkFit as opposed to the other orthotics out there, the major benefits associated with these inserts and some real user feedback to show you what to expect.

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What Makes WalkFit Platinum Inserts Different?

WalkFit Platinum inserts are a cheaper alternative to custom made orthotics, designed to help eliminate or substantially reduce the pain in your feet.

From my research into these inserts it seems they totally replace any arch support currently inserted in your footwear.

They differ from other orthotics in that they are designed to help strengthen your heel and your ankle, as well as distribute the weight evenly.

In fact, clinical research into these inserts indicates that over 90% of customers had reduced foot pain from using these. I was quite impressed by this although I haven’t seen the study myself so I can’t comment on the accuracy of it.

Major Benefits

After reading a lot of reviews it seems there are a lot of benefits associated to these inserts. However, there are a few key ones which I think you might want to know.

The first major benefit is that they seem to work really well!

If you have been suffering from foot pain, plantar fasciitis or any other painful condition the overwhelming response from users is that they can help relieve the pain substantially.

These inserts come in 11 different sizes which mean you will be able to find a size that fits you perfectly. I was impressed by this because of orthotics I have used in the past were only supplied in select sizes.

Another benefit which users really like was that these WalkFit Platinum inserts are washable and odour free.

With these inserts you also get a lifetime replacement warranty which means that you can replace them instantly should they wear out on you.

User Feedback

I wanted to sum up the overall impressions that users of these inserts felt. After doing a lot of digging I think this one user summed it up pretty well:

“I have been using the supports for over a month and have not had any pain or spasms in my left foot during this period. I would highly recommend the supports to anyone who has similar problems as mine.”

Another user commented:

“This is an excellent product and proved to be a support with 4 options. They work as well as my $200 insoles.”

It seems apparent that these WalkFit Platinum inserts do work very well. Whilst the results aren’t the same for everybody the vast majority of users expressed their gratitude towards these inserts as they help take away the pain.

One thing to keep in mind though is the fact you may need to adjust to these inserts for a few weeks before they become comfortable. I can imagine this is especially true if you have never used inserts before.

However, once you adjust you will be very comfortable in these inserts and hopefully your pain will be gone.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I recently found out that the guys over at WalkFit Platinum are currently offering a 30 day money back guarantee on these inserts because they are so confident you will benefit from them.

As well as this, I also noticed they have got some limited time only bonuses absolutely free when you order these inserts. You can currently get yourself a free 30 day supply of their joint support product as well as a pair of memory foam comfort slippers.

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